IWS Partners with Farmers Fire Insurance Company for Mutual Success

by Chastin Reynolds

Posted on 03/17/2015 09:43 AM

Image: Farmers Fire Logo

SPRINGFIELD, MO (March 17, 2015)—Intuitive Web Solutions (IWS), a leading provider of insurance software, and Farmers Fire Insurance Company (FFIC), a property-casualty insurance carrier in Pennsylvania have recently partnered together to help strengthen their core businesses through co-innovation and collaboration.

As “Pioneers in Protection” since 1853, Farmers Fire prides itself on technological innovation, financial strength, and a loyal base of policyholders and employees. The company has chosen to implement BriteCore as their new technology platform because it’s modern, highly automated, scalable, and flexible.

Rick Reese, President and CEO of FFIC comments, “Farmers Fire Insurance is a strong, dependable company dedicated to meeting the needs of families and businesses in Pennsylvania. Thousands of customers rely on our team to provide them with peace of mind, security, stability, and service. We believe BriteCore will help us to continually deliver excellence to our customers and agents by increasing the speed and efficiency of our business processes.”

“IWS is honored to bring Farmers Fire on board and work with their team. Our arrangement with FFIC encourages long-term partnership and participation in ongoing innovation,” says Phil Reynolds, Co-Founder and CEO of IWS. “We are excited to pilot a new program with FFIC that allows carriers to contribute source code directly into BriteCore.”

According to Reynolds, this new development program offers clients an unprecedented ability to extend a modern, vetted platform with customized features. IWS believes Farmers Fire staff will enjoy receiving the benefits of a well-established system while maintaining direct control over their technology platform and product roadmap.

ABOUT: BriteCore offers the best value in insurance software. Built using modern technology, our product suite has the flexibility to help carriers grow and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of insurance and technology. We provide customers with a wide range of automation support for policy administration, claims management, underwriting rules and rating, agent quoting and inquiry, contact management, billing, imaging, printing, data warehousing and reporting. To learn more about BriteCore, visit www.britecore.com.

Mobile Friendly Interface Changes

by Chastin Reynolds

Posted on 03/06/2015 03:00 PM

IWS just released a new site-wide header for the BriteCore policy administration system. Offering a sleek new look, the header is designed to help maintain consistency and usability throughout BriteCore and BriteQuote. Those who have access to the site will enjoy the updated look featuring fresh, new icons for each module along with the recently redesigned BriteCore logo.

Users have always been able to access BriteCore’s website via mobile and tablet devices, but the new header has been modified to meet modern scalability and usability requirements for mobile users. This becomes increasingly valuable to our carriers as more and more devices come online. Benefits of this minor overhaul are as follows:

  • Responsive Design. We've migrated our header icons from graphics to flat icons, helping us maintain a simple, more responsive design. Check out all the reasons why this is important.

  • Mobile First Support. The images we have been using in BriteCore are aesthetically appealing but rather slow to display. As we moved toward mobile-first support for many screens, the header was taking as much time to load as the entire rest of the web page. On an iPhone, over 4G, the image-based header took about 500ms to load by itself before any other content displayed on the page. The new header takes less than 50ms, creating an even snappier mobile experience for carriers and their customers.

  • Flat Design. Pretty much everything since iOS7 and Windows 8 has been moving toward flat design, using solid colors in place of gradients and drop shadows. We have started following the flattening trend so our software continues to look modern. Now that the icons are rendered as a font, we can allow carriers to upload their own fonts and colors to BriteCore and float the icons over the colors in the future.

Image: New BriteCore Header

State National Fire Insurance Now Live on BriteCore Policy Admin System

by Chastin Reynolds

Posted on 02/04/2015 09:00 AM

SPRINGFIELD, MO (February 4, 2015)—Intuitive Web Solutions, LLC, a leading provider of insurance software, is pleased to announce that State National Fire Insurance Company has successfully implemented BriteCore, a fully managed cloud-based solution that offers policy administration, claims management, underwriting rules and rating, agent quoting and inquiry, contact management, billing, imaging, printing, data warehousing and reporting. State National Fire now has access to new technology that can help improve the efficiency of their current business operations.

State National Fire began their BriteCore implementation on October 1, 2014. “From contract execution to go-live processing, their project has progressed steadily,” says Justin Cimino, Project Manager at Intuitive Web Solutions. “In fact, their implementation timeline has been the shortest yet, a tribute to the hard work and dedication of their team. We expect strong, consistent growth from State National Fire Insurance over the course of our partnership.”

State National Fire Insurance Company is located in the northwest corner of Louisiana. Guided by professionalism and integrity, the company works to help customers obtain insurance that appropriately manages their risks. State National Fire is committed to connecting policyholders with coverages that are both right for them and their budget.

ABOUT: BriteCore offers comprehensive functionality that’s both easy to configure and simple to use. It’s flexible infrastructure allows carriers to customize their solution to meet the specific needs of their company. Carriers who implement BriteCore have instant access to resources and technologies that allow them to respond to a wide variety of business demands with accuracy, speed, and agility.

To learn more about BriteCore, visit www.britecore.com.

2014 Year in Review

by Chastin Reynolds

Posted on 01/07/2015 09:00 AM

Thanks to you, 2014 was an outstanding year at IWS. Your creative ideas, enthusiasm, and support have allowed us to expand BriteCore in many ways.

Top Accomplishments

  • BriteData Reporting
  • Attachments Rewrite
  • Agent Portal Endorsements
  • Underwriting Rules and Rating
  • New Secure Checkout
  • Agency Experience Report
  • Elastic Search
  • Custom Deliverables
  • Insured Letter
  • Import Imaging to Attachments

Accomplishments (Post Users Conference)

  • Added agency numbers to commission statements
  • Ability to share BriteData reports with others
  • Ability to file claims from the Agent Portal
  • Ability to set restrictions on Credit Scores for underwriting
  • Improvements to Loss Payee functionality
  • Debits and Credits Across Terms (Part 1)
  • Updates to item ordering on dec pages
  • Enhanced custom deliverable printing options for Initial/Renewal decs
  • Ability to show scheduled items in the Rating Information section of decs
  • Improved bullet and spacing options on decs

Development Statistics

  • Released 587 Pull Requests
  • Updated 904 files
  • Added 15,199 insertions
  • Completed 3,547 test assertions
  • Built 1,745 test servers
  • Passed 1,151 test runs