BriteCore Now Offering Dedicated Apps to Clients

One of the most exciting announcements at BriteCon2016 was the formation of the BriteApps division at IWS. Effective immediately, the BriteApps team is building a wide variety of mobile applications and web portals that can be fully customized to individual carriers.

In progress now is a policyholder portal that can be deployed as a mobile website or a mobile phone app for many BriteCore clients. We have upcoming plans to build adjuster apps, inspector apps, dedicated internal apps, and a range of other products as we move forward.

The concept behind BriteApps is similar to BriteCore, but different in key ways. We are building a community that shares resources much like BriteCore does today. Server architecture and functionality will be housed in a single backend service that will reduce costs and allow new innovations to be deployed rapidly across all clients. As new features are built, the backend processes will become available to all clients who wish to use them. An example of backend functionality might be authentication directly into BriteCore, serving up attachments, geolocating a property, etc.

The frontend mobile and web applications however can be fully customized to each client’s needs. This allows your mobile apps to be fully branded and modified to accommodate any workflow or process you desire. The frontend application will communicate with the backend via API integration such that either service can be extended or replaced without affecting the other side.

We will deploy a “standard” frontend implementation that allows a range of themable display options such as company logo, colors, fonts, etc. For clients that utilize the “standard” frontend, new features will be deployed free of charge. For clients that commission a fully customized frontend, some development will be required to connect the application to new backend features.

We are offering two different pricing models for BriteApps.

  • Community: The Community model follows the BriteCore philosophy of supporting a community-wide effort to build new and better tools on an ongoing basis. For clients that choose this model, new apps will be deployed the “standard” implementation for free. As adjuster apps, inspection apps, insured application apps, and others are developed, community members will receive them as far as our revenue allows at the 0.25% price point. The price for this service will be 0.25% of Written Premium. Any individual customizations will be billed at our standard hourly rate. (currently $150 per hour). Community members will have direct input on what apps are built and what functionality they contain. Several clients have already committed to this model, and we expect this community to grow quickly.

  • A La Carte: The a la carte model will be offered for clients that only wish to utilize a limited subset of the mobile app ecosystem at a reduced cost. For A La Carte clients, apps will be offered individually upon completion with customization options in place. Customizations will continue to be billed at our standard hourly rate, and ongoing support will be determined by the scope and complexity of the app itself. The first app to be released will be our policyholder self service application. (Screen shots below). The mobile web version of the policyholder application can be licensed for 0.1% of Written Premium, and the mobile app version can be licensed for 0.15% of Written Premium.

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