BriteCon2016 Intro Presentation

BriteCore’s annual users conference attracts some of the most progressive insurance companies in the industry. Our growing client base offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise that can be leveraged by members from the executive level to the user level. During this year's intro presentation, Phil Reynolds provided attendees with a recap of BriteCore's progress in 2016.

The BriteCore community had a seriously great year. Four new clients are implementing the system, six client developers are actively working to enhance BriteCore (39 completed pull requests!), 44 clients are writing in 39 states plus Canada, and 8 new employees have joined our team. Phil also pointed out some fun facts regarding September user stats in BriteCore. In September alone, BriteCore’s system saw 443 administrative users; 66,640 searches; 11,519 committed revisions; and users collectively spent 1.5 years in the policies module. How cool is that?

Britecon2016 - Intro from Phil Reynolds