BriteCore Now Offering Dedicated Apps to Clients

by Chastin Reynolds

Posted on 10/31/2016 03:23 PM

One of the most exciting announcements at BriteCon2016 was the formation of the BriteApps division at IWS. Effective immediately, the BriteApps team is building a wide variety of mobile applications and web portals that can be fully customized to individual carriers.

In progress now is a policyholder portal that can be deployed as a mobile website or a mobile phone app for many BriteCore clients. We have upcoming plans to build adjuster apps, inspector apps, dedicated internal apps, and a range of other products as we move forward.

The concept behind BriteApps is similar to BriteCore, but different in key ways. We are building a community that shares resources much like BriteCore does today. Server architecture and functionality will be housed in a single backend service that will reduce costs and allow new innovations to be deployed rapidly across all clients. As new features are built, the backend processes will become available to all clients who wish to use them. An example of backend functionality might be authentication directly into BriteCore, serving up attachments, geolocating a property, etc.

The frontend mobile and web applications however can be fully customized to each client’s needs. This allows your mobile apps to be fully branded and modified to accommodate any workflow or process you desire. The frontend application will communicate with the backend via API integration such that either service can be extended or replaced without affecting the other side.

We will deploy a “standard” frontend implementation that allows a range of themable display options such as company logo, colors, fonts, etc. For clients that utilize the “standard” frontend, new features will be deployed free of charge. For clients that commission a fully customized frontend, some development will be required to connect the application to new backend features.

We are offering two different pricing models for BriteApps.

  • Community: The Community model follows the BriteCore philosophy of supporting a community-wide effort to build new and better tools on an ongoing basis. For clients that choose this model, new apps will be deployed the “standard” implementation for free. As adjuster apps, inspection apps, insured application apps, and others are developed, community members will receive them as far as our revenue allows at the 0.25% price point. The price for this service will be 0.25% of Written Premium. Any individual customizations will be billed at our standard hourly rate. (currently $150 per hour). Community members will have direct input on what apps are built and what functionality they contain. Several clients have already committed to this model, and we expect this community to grow quickly.

  • A La Carte: The a la carte model will be offered for clients that only wish to utilize a limited subset of the mobile app ecosystem at a reduced cost. For A La Carte clients, apps will be offered individually upon completion with customization options in place. Customizations will continue to be billed at our standard hourly rate, and ongoing support will be determined by the scope and complexity of the app itself. The first app to be released will be our policyholder self service application. (Screen shots below). The mobile web version of the policyholder application can be licensed for 0.1% of Written Premium, and the mobile app version can be licensed for 0.15% of Written Premium.

Learn more about how you can better connect with your customers by providing a superior customer experience while reducing your processing. Contact us at, and we’ll get you started.

BriteCon2016 Vendor Open Sessions

by Chastin Reynolds

Posted on 10/31/2016 02:47 PM

BeachRe Open Session

Open Sessions added an extra element to BriteCon2016. The first breakout session was hosted by Beach Re, a reinsurance broker out of Burlington, NC and BriteCore's CIO, Chris Reynolds. The two companies have been working together to develop better reinsurance reports. The thought process surrounding this partnership is to allow BeachRe access to the BriteCore system for clients who use BeachRe for their reinsurance program. The partnership provides an opportunity to obtain better information for renewals which reflects greatly on the overall reinsurance program and the pricing associated with the information gathering. Beach has the ability to dissect the information gathered which will allow reinsurers greater opportunity to properly evaluate the risk. Several BriteCore clients are currently using Beach Re and this partnership will be tremendously beneficial for those clients, as well as future relationships that could evolve from the unique partnership.

MassPrinting Open Session

Mass Printing is a vendor used to outsource a company’s daily print. BriteCore clients Leatherstocking and Panhandle Farmers Mutual jointly worked with Mass Printing for over nine months to develop a process by which BriteCore clients could outsource their daily print job to MassPrinting. During the BriteCon2016 breakout session, participants discussed how development occurred and the progress made toward integration. MassPrinting is the first vendor to complete their own software integration using BriteCore's API. An achievement both companies are very proud of.

At the beginning of September Panhandle Farmer's Mutual launched a partnership with Mass Printing with tremendous success. Two weeks later Leatherstocking also went live with Mass Printing with similar results. During the breakout session, which was very well attended, discussion occurred regarding the following topics:

  1. Development – The unique opportunity for MP to be handed the API from IWS allowing them to write their own integration has created seemingly a higher level of integration that should make ease of launch much easier for future BriteCore clients. Through the efforts of Leatherstocking and Panhandle jointly with MP the integration occurred to a level that should make future launches occur with minimal effort.

  2. Daily Process – Both Leatherstocking and Panhandle have realized a considerable reduction in the time spent daily handling what would have been the processing of the mail. For Panhandle the time has been cut by approximately 75%. Leatherstocking shares similar results. The process went from reviewing the print job, dealing with printer woes, stuffing envelopes, processing the postage and getting the mail to the Post Office to reviewing the print job from the daily report generated by BriteCore and clicking a few buttons to release the mail. The solution has been a tremendous transition.

  3. Return on Investment – This was discussed during the session and truthfully, at that time, it was too early to provide good results. It appears that the ROI will occur in a reasonable period of time. However, after going live and seeing the tremendous result, Panhandle and Leatherstocking would make this switch by knowing what they know now even if it was a break even or small expense to outsource the daily print job. Since the meeting, Panhandle has received their first invoice from MP for September and the numbers came in under expectation and if this month was any indicator the ROI for Panhandle should occur in under 18 months.

IVANS Open Session

This session discussed the downloading of policy data into an Agency Management system. The original integration with BriteCore was with NxTech who recently was purchased by IVANS. Several companies were using the NxTech download system with mixed results. Based on information gathered, each BriteCore client may have a different setup which, in some cases, creates major problems. The purpose of this meeting was to focus on ways to enhance the user's experience.

Leatherstocking was one of the first companies to move to the IVANS platform due to the request of the majority their agents. The direct integration with IVANS has improved the performance and provides access to a user-friendly portal. IVANS purchased NxTech in January 2015, currently a joint effort has been made between IVANS and BriteCore to iron out the wrinkles for the download processing. Download is a technology that many Britecore clients would like to utilize, Chris Reynolds at Britecore has committed to improving and developing the download integration allowing all Britecore clients the opportunity to utilize this feature successfully. It is BriteCore’s plan to transition all current clients that are still using the NxTech processing over to the newly developed IVANS platform.

BriteCon2016 Presentations

by Chastin Reynolds

Posted on 10/28/2016 08:44 PM

What a wonderful turnout for BriteCon2016! We had over 130 participants at this year's event in Springfield, MO. In case you missed it, BriteCon2016 was focused on problem solving in insurance and technology. Staff, clients, and partners alike revealed the products, features, and software enhancements significantly impacting their companies.

Those who attended had ample opportunities to gain new insights, network with community members, share perspectives, collaborate with community members, build skill sets, and learn about new products and features at BriteCore. Major reveals during BriteCon2016 are outlined below:

BriteCore Support Site and Training

Training is vital to working with modern, ever-evolving software. The following steps have been taken to provide effective training experiences:

  • An easy-to-use support site with robust system documentation
  • Embedded help links in the Administrative Portal to the support site
  • A dedicated staff member developing and leading company-specific training experiences
I just want to say that I LOVE the support site!!!! I have already used it several times to answer questions that I had about reports and rate changes on line items. So, THANK YOU!!! - Barbie Lambert, East Tennessee Mutual Insurance

Policies Wizard

Over the past year, we’ve created a simpler design for adding policies to BriteCore. This project also lays the groundwork for a more flexible policy module that can support auto insurance. This new design has several advantages to the current process for adding policies:

  • Improved Workflow - To better guide people using BriteCore through this process, we’ve broken it down into five easy-to-follow steps.
  • Better Error Handling - When errors occur, like missing rating information, it’s now easier to correct them.
In the next few weeks, these changes will be rolled out to clients. You’ll be able to use the new system alongside the old one, so try it out, and let us know what you think!

Lines Enhancements

In the last year, 502 Lines tickets were opened, processed, and closed by our Lines team, spending a combined total of over 4,000 hours on Lines Projects. In that time, we’ve also developed tools and features to improve your experience:

  • Rating Information to allow users to enter main property info in one place
  • Underwriting Rules to better build a policy, add property information, and add underwriting rules
  • Evaluation Rate Object increases efficiency in rating and guides you step-by-step through building rates
  • Hands On Table provides an easy drag-and-drop system to save you time when building spreadsheets
  • Persistent Builder effectively manages changes made to lines through renewal
  • Custom Documents allow you to build your own unique, custom deliverables to enhance branding

If you’re interested in implementing any of these helpful features, please submit an OOPS! ticket. We look forward to working with you to make your Lines experience even better!


We’re celebrating a widely successful year in support services. Since January, the support team has significantly decreased the amount of open tickets and has been solving issues in a timely manner. Thanks to the addition of the support master branch of the support team, we’ve implemented a variety of tools, fixes, and features to make make our clients' lives easier. As a part of our mission to improve connection, communication, and collaboration between our clients and our support team, we've implemented ZenDesk's award-winning help desk software. We believe Zendesk will imporove the overall BriteCore experience.

Additionally, our Funded division is now up, running, and taking requests to further improve and customize BriteCore. If you have funded feature requests you’d like to see implemented, please submit a ticket for review.

We had a blast with you at BriteCon2016 and can’t wait to see you next year at BriteCon2017!

BriteCon2016 Intro Presentation

by Chastin Reynolds

Posted on 10/17/2016 08:00 AM

BriteCore’s annual users conference attracts some of the most progressive insurance companies in the industry. Our growing client base offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise that can be leveraged by members from the executive level to the user level. During this year's intro presentation, Phil Reynolds provided attendees with a recap of BriteCore's progress in 2016.

The BriteCore community had a seriously great year. Four new clients are implementing the system, six client developers are actively working to enhance BriteCore (39 completed pull requests!), 44 clients are writing in 39 states plus Canada, and 8 new employees have joined our team. Phil also pointed out some fun facts regarding September user stats in BriteCore. In September alone, BriteCore’s system saw 443 administrative users; 66,640 searches; 11,519 committed revisions; and users collectively spent 1.5 years in the policies module. How cool is that?

Britecon2016 - Intro from Phil Reynolds